Board Meeting: Aug 25 @ 3pm

Hello, All!

Below is the Agenda for tomorrow's (Sunday) Board Meeting. Feel free to add to it if you have a topic you wish to discuss/present to the Board:

I. Call to Order (Eston)
II. Introductions (The Board to Guests)
III. Old Business
1. Update on Website 'Make Over' (Sean)
2. Update on trailer for "Making Lemonade" (Sean/Eston)
3. Update on Robin's Project (Robin)
4. Update on Ed's Project (Ed)
IV. New Business
1. Introduction of Carlos Pundik and Andrew Keith to the Board (Eston) and to our Guest (Alex - Slideshow)
2. Introduction by Alex concerning joining a Webshow Network (Alex)
3. Where do we go from here? (Eston/Alex and the Board)
V. Adjournment (Eston)

Looking forward to seeing you at 3 PM at:

2409 NW 6th Ave
Wilton Manors


Eston Dunn, MS, LMT

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