The Team

  • Eston Dunn
    Eston Robert Dunn - born in the Midwest and transplanted...

Key Roles



WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated clients/members are the "consumers" or "customers" of our nonprofit's services.



The board is comprised of individuals from the community and, ideally, is representative of the organizations clients. Law and theory dictate that the board is in charge, and directly accountable for the overall direction and policies of the organization. Powers are given to the board by the Articles of Incorporation (or other governing document, for example, Articles of Association, Constitution, etc.). The board is generally motivated by a desire to serve the community and the personal satisfaction of volunteering. Our board members may not receive monetary compensation for serving on the board.


Board Chair

This role is central to coordinating the work of the board, executive director, and committees. The chair's role may have appointive power for committees, depending on what is specified about this role in the bylaws. The power of the board chair is usually through persuasion and general leadership.



Typically, the board chooses to carry out its operations using a variety of board committees.


Executive Director

This position is ultimately responsible to carry out the wishes of the board. The executive director is directly accountable for the work of the staff and supports the work of the board committees.



Staff report to the executive director and may support the work of the committees.



Volunteers are unpaid personnel who assist staff, serve on committees and generally work under the direction of the executive director.