Our Foundation

Our Structure

WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated functions include central administration and programs.



The governance function of WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated is responsible to provide overall strategic direction, guidance and controls dependent on the working relationship between board and top management.


Governance (Boards of Directors)

WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated, management -- particularly chief executives -- must have strong skills in working with an often highly diverse collection of board members, each of whom is typically a volunteer to the Watch Out Web Charities, Incorporated.


Central administration

Central administration is the staff and facilities that are common to running all programs. This usually includes at least the executive director and office personnel. WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated, strives to keep costs of central administration low in proportion to costs to run programs.



Fundraising and Grant writing, WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated, management will engage in fundraising in order to meet the fiscal needs of our organization.


Budgeting and Accounting

WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated is a unique entity created to provide a public service, rather than generate profit. WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated is also to apply/receive grants and other forms of donations to support our operation. These special features unique to Watch Out Web Charities, Incorporated will require highly customized forms of budgeting and accounting


Program Development and Evaluation

WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated will typically deliver ongoing services in the form of web-casting programs.



WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated is committed to reviewing every proposal submitted for our consideration and want to make this process as simple as possible.


Please note that WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated is a membership organization that provides international programming, distribution, and services. We work with experienced producers who are capable of managing all aspects of a project's development and production. WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated owns all the programming it produces; thereby, all proceeds are returned to WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated to fund additional projects/programs.


It is also important to note that the schedule is determined 6-12 months in advance.


Volunteer Programs:

WatchOutWeb Charities, Incorporated, will rely to a great extent on the use of volunteers. Volunteers are managed much like any other human resource. There is staffing planning, recruitment, job descriptions, suitable policies and risk management measures, some form of performance management, etc. Performance management includes setting suitable goals, evaluating performance, providing appropriate rewards or actions to terminate services.